So you are looking for a way to parse your Fortnite replays and found this open source project. So yes, we can parse your replays, zero cost (it's free) and fully extensible.

Getting the library

.net 5.0 is required.

In order to get started, you'll have to add the FortniteReplayReader Nuget package to your project.

dotnet add package FortniteReplayReader

Note If you are looking at parsing other replay files than Fortnite, you can add Unreal.Core.

First example

So let's start with some code, the "Hello world" example (of course).

var replayFile = "your-amazing-fortnite.replay";
var reader = new ReplayReader();
var replay = reader.ReadReplay(replayFile);

That's it.

Parse Mode

The FortniteReplayDecompressor comes with a parse mode option that will effect how things work.

Depending on the type of information you are after, you may find that you need to pass along the ParseMode argument.

It is hard to say exactly which of these values you may need to set, as that obviously depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve. But for most people Normal should be sufficient.

  • EventsOnly
  • Minimal
  • Normal
  • Full

For example:

var replayFile = "your-amazing-fortnite.replay";
var reader = new ReplayReader(parseMode: ParseMode.Full);
var replay = reader.ReadReplay(replayFile);